More Kids on Bikes

Our mission is simply to put more kids on bikes. Cycling is a life long sport that allows kids to build confidence, fitness, and friendships in a positive environment. We've found that with more kids on bikes, that also means more families on bikes which is a trend we like!

Everyone Participates

Mountain biking has both invididual and team qualities, but the part we like most is everyone partcipates at a level appropriate for the individual rider's skillset. Our team is inclusive to all.

Our Culture

Our team abides by a strict code of conduct ensuring respect for ourselves, others, and our environment. It's these tennents that have allowed us to grow five fold since the team began in 2013.







Since 2013

Our Team

Like other Minnesota High School Cycling League schools, our program seeks to strike a balance between being a competitive individual and team sport while retaining some gentler recreation club qualities. For athletes new to cycling, immediate immersion into training, racing, and the pressure to perform may be intimidating. We  carefully design our training programs to ensure riders are teamed with others of similar ability and experience levels while ensuring a safe, instructive environment.

Training and racing with a team provides life lessons in self-discipline, teamwork and sportsmanship, along with the fitness and camaraderie. Some sports tend to favor certain body types. Cycling is different. The bicycle is an equalizer, showing little favor to any particular body type by adapting to each rider with correct bicycle sizing.

We don’t have tryouts. If you try and keep trying, you're on our team. We have a proven history of creating capable and confident riders out of timid beginners year after year. While we've enjoyed some elite results, we are not elitist. We value and promote excellence believing that ordinary athletes can attain big results through setting goals, mapping strategies, and remaining disciplined. Oh, and we have fun, too!

Questions? We've got FAQs.